We are a company set up by a team of people who work for a joint project based on vision, effort and experience. Our goal is to grow olives to produce and trade unique extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality


Thanks to our location among a sea of olive trees in the countryside of Jaén, the cradle of Spanish and world olive oil, and to our philosophy established on the love for the land, the appreciation of traditions and poetry, as a hymn to life, we offer exquisite extra virgin olive oils of superior quality, based of the “picual” variety.

The Andalusion project started at the beginning of the 20th century in the countryside of Jaén, when Don Benito Morente Rosell started to cultivate olive groves in the farm of Caserío de la Magdalena in Porcuna.

Since the beginning of our venture we have considered our professional activity as a way to improve the planet where we live as far as possible, making our small contribution to its sustainability and development. The principles which drive our daily work are offering the best quality, seeking constant innovation, supporting rural areas and its residents and respecting the environment.

Our olive groves are small plots of land in the surroundings of Porcuna, in the province of Jaén, the place of origin of Spanish olive oil excellence.
We extract our olive oil from healthy young olives that have come from the top of the trees only.